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“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin

                                                                                                                                                                                              With this in mind our team offer tax services including corporate, personal, inheritance tax, capital gains tax and tax planning. 

If this is something that is relevant to you please contact Tony.


We help businesses meet complex demands for tax reporting, compliance and planning.

Our team of experts are proactive and approachable. We are highly experienced in providing businesses with all their tax advice.

These include the following:

  • Tax efficient profit extraction for business owners
  • Reworking and incentivising key staff, including share schemes
  • Tax efficient group structures
  • Minimising corporation tax
  • Patent box relief
  • Grant funding
  • Tax efficient succession planning

In conjunction with the preparation of financial statements for limited companies corporation tax is calculated by our experienced team.

We try where possible to advise our clients throughout the year on how to reduce their corporation tax liability by considering various tax planning ideas.

We also ensure clients know in advance what their corporation tax liabilities are and help with any payment plans where relevant.

This often links in with our outsourcing services to enable clients to plan for their corporate tax liabilities i.e. if management accounts are prepared on an interim basis then clients are able to put money to one side for their liability.

Each of our clients has a dedicated member of our tax team. As well as preparing their personal tax returns our clients are advised of their payments on account, balancing payments and are there to answer any ad hoc queries as they arise.

The tax team work closely with our accounts team to ensure that both personal and corporate taxes are considered.

We provide expert tax advice and guidance through tax enquiries, investigations and fraud process.

HMRC have now made significant advances to clamp down on tax avoidance and evasion. The investigations conducted by HMRC are done on a random basis and can hit anyone who files a tax return. Any enquiry into your tax affairs is potentially time consuming and costly.

Our experience of tax investigations has taught us that getting the right advice as soon as possible is key to achieving the best possible outcome.



Salary exchange is a tax efficient way to buy benefits or increase pension contributions with very little or no cost to the employee and employer. 

With employer minimum pension contributions having increased to 3% in April 2019, by using salary exchange and proper planning, you can help fund the mandatory increases in your pension costs.

If you would like further information this fact sheet summarises the basics on salary exchanges.

R&D tax relief is an incentive from the Government to encourage companies to invest in R&D activities.

We will be able to help you claim R&D Tax credits from HMRC which give significant tax savings.

If you would like further information this fact sheet summarises the basics of R&D tax relief.

PIC is a private limited company which is used as a long term investment vehicle.

There are multiple factors to consider when deciding whether a PIC is appropriate for your circumstances but the savings can be considerable and it is essential that you take advice before taking action.

In addition, we offer a wide variety of services associated with owning, managing and preserving business and wealth. This includes asset protection, estate and succession planning etc.

If you would like further information this fact sheet summarises the basics or contact us.


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